I did son’t opt for any hookup, I became depressed and went along to discover my date to cool-down – UNICROSS pupil, Priscilla Ojong speaks (video)

I did son’t opt for any hookup, I became depressed and went along to discover my date to cool-down – UNICROSS pupil, Priscilla Ojong speaks (video)

I did son’t opt for any hookup, I became depressed and went along to discover my date to cool-down – UNICROSS pupil, Priscilla Ojong speaks (video)

Priscilla Ojong, the college of Cross lake scholar who was simply declared missing out on time before, enjoys again stated in the conflict encompassing their “disappearance”.

In an Instalive treatment she have, Priscilla revealed that she shared with her roommate about where she would definitely.

She nonetheless asserted that she could not achieve anyone because her cellphone had been bad. The student furthermore refused state of getting for a “hookup”.

Enjoy the video below.

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Which means that your boyfriend was a PASTOR abi. he’s a DOOCTOR? Issokay, We sha expect your used prevention..

. sperm don blend along with her head she actually is in condition of incoherence. ??

Sweetheart that are unable to pick your telephone but may make use of your muscles to kill agro, would be that one boyfriend? Ode lady!

Priscilla Ojong has done a monstrous problems for those who find themselves really lacking. Foolish bitch.

At long last no matter if na hookup,no one cares,live your lifetime the escort services in Montgomery way you need cos men and women judging the woman tend to be worst than the girl!

Like l mentioned earlier in the day. you are a useless child. with a lot more pointless parents. because you dudes have really made it more difficult for the following group who will means law enforcement to think about their own friend exactly who genuinely has become kidnapped!

Which means that your boyfriend cannot get you a cell phone. Just Imagine! Many of these young women are incredibly gullible and unaware to the fact that they are over the age of liability and can’t heap blame on any person whenever scenario taken place. Can you consider the gibberish she got saying the woman is depressed so she decided to go to this lady date’s location to cool-down. I do not imagine this girl must certanly be given any form of assistance because she does not have convinced faculty as remorse. I understood that their families understood the woman whereabouts that’s why these were not troubled whenever the naive company are busy protesting. From all sign, In my opinion she actually is going after clout along with her whereabouts is preplanned by the lady family and pals. She should be careful preventing chasing fame because there is huge problems bothering you. Idiot!

And you couldn’t make use of your sweetheart cell to call your moms and dad to tell them about your whereabouts in addition the man you’re dating ought to be silly to allow you dress in this type of a fashion to handle anyone inside live chat you both is drug users and foolish

This lady sounds like she is in some trouble and forced. Making use of the heating on why are unable to she utilize her bf’s telephone to phone? Exactly why isn’t she back once again along with her pops and pals? Abeg she has to be traced before we hear any ugly news. God help this lady

So if you is depressed, the man you’re dating’s property is the place going. Stupid olosho, the foolish girl was launched after becoming a sex slave for just two days. two weeks of bang, no cover.

The woman is expecting and scared of time for her family to manage them.

Wtf does pastor have to do with depression? is not they nearest and dearest you’d go to? Yup! I dislike Nigerians.

The man buddy that could add more depression to your lives, i do believe marrying women off at 20 just isn’t an awful idea, only few have actually employed mind, the others only bring shame the longer these are typically single.

This woman is during hazards.

Some female using their fish mind. na the reason why girls thing dey tire myself. no be-all of them bring feel

What is the distinction between a cool off and a hookup; all with a sweetheart?


In a nutshell u went along to cool-down with a fantastic cock

So that the prick couldn’t allow you to respond to calls. your boyfriend needs to be great. between the sheets.

End the web based misuse. Its ok. Go the fuck on

What a child. You’ve got disgraced your mother and father. Ineffective fool.you don’t understand the huge worry to suit your welfare.Goat

Severely ooo. I don’t know the woman from anywhere. I really don’t even know d highway to Delta bt I found myself stressed lyk angry. Nd was even praying for her secure return cos of wats happenin in da kwantry.

This shit takes place abroad any time. it is best Nigerians you’d hear saying toxic shit as if you’ve deceived your parents to a 22 year old people. Pity on everyone shameless self-righteous, non sinning bangs

Think of this female. She went for wonderful energy along with her bf and remaining folk worried. The country is certainly not safe so folk should figure out how to enjoy their own moves.

We mentioned that she moved your d**k.Omokomo (wayward youngster)

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Oh so now you men and women are insulting her. Whenever I said they shouldn’t waste their particular times protesting for lady that decided to go to relax with man, everybody else insulted me. Expect all of you can easily see how mindless and dumb you’re to actually think she had been lost next video clip she produced

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